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dawnsweb.net is owned and operated by Dawn Palardy in Lyman, Maine. That's me... and this is my outlet for creativity and problem solving in the real world. I enjoy being involved in such a diverse range of applications and being able to reach a wide variety of individuals and businesses... each unique in their own way... each looking for something just so.

I'm known as a resourceful individual and have over 20 years of experience in office environments... so I have a deep understanding of business procedures. Those who know me, know that they can rely on me to come through for them... and to add my special touch.

I'm also Master Certified in Microsoft Office and taught Continuing Education software courses for several years as an Adjunct Instructor for York County Community College in Wells, ME and Southern Maine Community College in So. Portland, ME.

I've taught hundreds of students how to use specific computer programs as well as how to use computers in general. If I don't have an answer, I usually know where to find it. And I firmly believe that the only foolish question is the one not asked.

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